Raphaël Nussbaumer: Haus 2LB, Thônex - best architects 13

Raphaël Nussbaumer

Haus 2LB, Thônex

best architects 13

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Olivier Zimmermann


The outer shape of the house was largely determined by the scenic and topographical features of the site: the angular, irregular building silhouette enters into a dialogue with the rugged Salève mountain landscape nearby. Setting the building at the rear of the property is to be understood as a gesture of discretion, while the house’s monolithic look at the same time underscores its idiosyncratic presence. The sloping site prompted a division into different areas, each treated according to thematic aspects: the part of the ground floor facing the garden was conceived as a “glass house” holding the living spaces where guests are received. The section of the building set into the slope is by contrast designed as a “cave” where the service rooms are housed. Above them is a “residential attic” with large saw-tooth enclosures in which the bedrooms are placed, looking onto the garden. The various storeys are accessed from the central hall via a staircase with three flights, leading first to a gallery and then onward to the bedrooms. The airspace over the hall extends over the whole height of the building up to the rooflights, which let daylight stream in.