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MEXICO, Passivwohnhaus mit Taucheranzug

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A black cube is set within a garden housing development on the banks of the Old Danube River. It owes its extremely elongated, narrow volume to the tight corset of the building code. Like a diving suit, black synthetic rubber foil wraps the roof and walls of the highly insulated building. The construction design is minimal, and unusual. On load-bearing spruce plywood panels that are visible on the interior, thick rock-wool mats were anchored as insulation. The cross-lamination of the three-layered timber elements serves the function of vapour barrier. The spatial frugality begins at the entrance, which gives directly onto the living room. An installed core holds the bathroom and stairs, behind which is an open kitchen with dining area. There is also a pantry at the closed narrower end. Next to the staircase, a long ceiling strip has been left open to lend the compact spaces more volume. Upstairs are a bedroom and study, only partially separated by a built-in wardrobe and shelves. The fixed skylight lets natural light into the interior and alleviates the feeling of enclosure.