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PPAG architects

Wohnen am Park, Wien

best architects 12

multi-family homes


Wien | Österreich




Margherita Spiluttini


The proposed layout with 270 flats on 10 storeys does not follow a clear typology but sounds out the characteristic potentials of the site. Each flat is privileged by its position in the building, either defined by a special view, its orientation towards south or north or its relationship to immediate neighbours inside the building. The central corridor becomes spatially (3D!) extended wherever possible and offers a semi-private interior space for the residents. With the façade, we avoided clear edges on the park and street side. The building reveals its internal organisation, apartment typology and development. One can read the inner concept from the outside. Large-scale openings towards the north (maisonettes) compared to the conventional-sized windows towards the south give the impression of a building that does not clearly state its true scale: it appears to be smaller / larger depending on the side you are approaching.