Burkard Meyer Architekten: Wohnüberbauung Allmend, Baden - best architects 12 gold

Burkard Meyer Architekten

Wohnüberbauung Allmend, Baden

best architects 12 gold

multi-family homes


Baden | Schweiz


Roger Frei


On the southern edge of the Jura mountain range and therefore in the region of Baden, terraced housing plays an important role. In this area, there are a large number of sloped sites facing south or west. By stacking residential units, structural density is achieved while allowing residents individual privacy. The strong horizontal lines created by the stepped layers are broken by the striking verticality of the extremely high chimneys in the residential complex Allmend, while the homogenising, light coat of paint enhances the sculptural, Mediterranean appearance. The combination of polychrome, synthetic fibreglass elements, large window areas and the wooden grating on the terraces creates an elegant whole. Most of the 23 units are organised as one-storey apartments and can be accessed via a central cascade staircase with an inclined elevator below. The primary residential spaces are grouped around the central outside space, which they enclose. In this way, the terrace in front becomes an extension of the interior and creates a specific living quality at the point where outside and inside meet.