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EFH Trattner Scharfetter

best architects 12

single family homes


Altenmarkt im Pongau | Austria


Volker Wortmeyer


The ensemble of two archetypical structures interprets its context with elegant restraint and formal reduction. In a simple way, the urban space is sectioned into public and private areas. Thanks to the commitment and personal effort of the unconventional clients, a building with a very special personal character was created. The interior could be described as a refined “carcass structure”, the exterior consists of ecologically treated wood. Furniture and spatial arrangements structure the interior. Recesses within the walls accommodate furniture without interrupting the linear pattern of the room. The larch planks of the façade are tanned with black tea while the interior spruce is redolent of orange oil and beeswax. “Experimenting while building”, was the self-assigned claim of the clients.