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Graber & Steiger Architekten

New construction of therapeutic pedagogy facility

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Altdorf / Switzerland


Dominique Marc Wehrli


With the peripheral location of the new therapy facility close to the wall enclosure, the existing ensemble is completed around the central open space, in a ring shape. Structured by recesses and protrusions, the building responds subtly to surrounding developments and outdoor areas. By following the simple principle of stacking the therapeutic zones crosswise into groups of rooms, a fascinating spatial principle is established: with astonishing simplicity, it guarantees transparency and orientation, and reveals succinct, panorama-like views of the village and surrounding landscape. The building, constructed using wood elements, is enclosed in a dark, wooden façade structure. A delicate, rhythmical truss construction holds together the building, which is characterized by ruptures and distortions, creating a sensual-haptic vibrancy that corresponds with the park-like atmosphere of the site. The interior rooms fitted completely with light woodwork in contrast to the dark exterior, create a serene, friendly mood and have something of a studio atmosphere about them.