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Erweiterung Kongresszentrum Davos

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Ruedi Walti


The new extension of the Congress Centre Davos brings clarity to the existing structures by uniting the previously scattered buildings and embedding the complex within the Kurpark. By moving the main entrance to the Talstrasse, enough space has been created to give the Congress Centre a wide driveway and a dignified entrance. The new main entrance receives visitors to the Kurpark under a wide canopy. An extended corridor leads away from this entrance area. This not only links the different parts of the Congress Centre to a logical access system but also creates a space for encounters and functions. The extension actually evolved from the old plenary hall, built by Ernst Gisel. As the foyer of the new congress hall, it has now been assigned an appropriate function and can be preserved in its quality. The lower level of the foyer provides access to the new congress hall with its perfect layout geometry. The innovative honeycomb ceiling construction follows on from this geometry. The Congress Centre works both as a single unit with large-scale entrance area for major international conventions, and in three autonomous parts, which can be used completely independently.