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BSV | Berufsfachschule Visp, Schweiz

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Hannes Henz


The existing overall structure of the Viège/Visp College of Further Education has been extended with the addition of a new, independent building. Through its reference to the two existing buildings, a new external area, the heart of the campus, is defined. The revised form of the compact, four-floored building with its recesses responds to the other two or three-floored buildings and creates a varied but cohesive ensemble. In the building’s interior, all classrooms are arranged around a central foyer, which is both meeting place and a place of study. This self-contained room has natural lighting thanks to transparent glass partitions that separate it from the classrooms. The different hues of the glass walls change the character of the main room, depending on the time of day, but also act as a screen for the classrooms in order to guarantee a level of privacy. The façade consists of mirror-finished stainless steel facets. The fragmentation of reflections created by the bevelling of the facets generates a new context.