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Sanierung und Erweiterung Mattschulhaus, Wil

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Roger Frei


The quality of the school complex, a typical 1960s exposed concrete building, lies in the sculpture-like arrangement of three building groups that surround a single-storey recreation hall. The basic structure of the north and south wings are impressive in terms of both urban design and interior space. They have been preserved as classroom wings and supplemented by a new west wing that facilitates access to the street and improves internal school relationships. The addition of the extension has created an angular layout that contains a spacious playground and opens up to the site’s newly-designed play and sport areas. The rearrangement of the school complex, which is now open to local residents, significantly upgrades the neighbourhood. The old building’s façade consisting of rough board planking was gently refurbished and new, inset oak windows were installed. The same theme was reinterpreted in the west wing. Smooth, large-panel planking underlines the clear structures with the large oak windows of the gym, school hall and library set flush with the façade.