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Erweiterung Ars Electronica Center

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Wien | Österreich


Rupert Steiner


The main idea behind the design was to create a sculptural building whose structure is accessible and approachable. The Ars Electronica Center and new extension are linked to create one unit which is perceived as a whole. In its neighbourhood the crystalline shape forms a homogeneous ensemble and landmark. The urban concept is based on the principle of dialogue with the environment, taking into consideration favourable urban conditions, such as unobstructed views over the Danube and historical ensembles in the neighbourhood. The spacious presentation & activity area – the main deck – is at the heart of the Center and provides open-air exhibition facilities. It nestles between the River Danube and the historic buildings, on the one hand, and the new Ars Electronica Center, on the other. Wide steps leading to the upper deck provide seating for open-air theatre performances and film screenings. The double glass façade, partly transparent and partly translucent, can be illuminated by LED technology installed in the space between the two layers, each element is individually controllable, with infinitely variable colour and brightness/intensity.