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Stifter + Bachmann

Freilichtbühne in Weissenbach

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Pfalzen | Italien


Lukas Schaller


The assignment was to build a music pavilion 1350 metres above sea level near an existing club house and village hall. To avoid reducing the size of the already very small courtyard in front of the existing club house, three sides of the monolithic pavilion structure were built into the sloping terrain of the site. The pavilion resembles a huge rock left by an avalanche, subsequently formed and hollowed out according to the special needs of the site. The trapezoid layout of the great larch-wood panelled stage was inspired by the seating arrangement of a brass band. The inside platform opens out towards the audience like the funnel of a musical instrument. The geometry and choice of materials were mainly determined by the acoustic requirements of the stage. The edged façades and low roofs allow visitors views of the mountain scenery. By turning the upper shell into a green roof, the building blends into the environment and seems to disappear into the meadows beyond.