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Sonderlabore Universität Leipzig

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Werner Huthmacher


The newly developed building houses special laboratories that could not be integrated into existing buildings, e.g. acoustics laboratories, molecular biology laboratories, and isotopic and genetic engineering laboratories. The building was designed as a cube with an edge length of around 19 meters and positioned on the corner of a city block. The alignment and height of the building are oriented towards the surrounding historic buildings. An openness and transparency have been achieved through its solitaire position. A bridge on the first floor connects the laboratory to the neighbouring biochemistry institute. The building houses laboratories only. All offices, storage rooms, lounges and classrooms are located in the older building. The individual laboratory units are reflected in the 3 x 3-metre-large windows inserted in the façade that consists of precast reinforced concrete units. The top floor accommodates the large technical centre top avoid the kind of roof structures typically found on laboratory buildings.