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Gärtnerhaus der Alten Kantonsschule Aarau

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Aarau | Schweiz


Roger Frei


The country park of Aarau’s old cantonal high school is surrounded by a group of buildings that have been carefully developed over the last 200 years. As part of the most recent architectural development, a canteen was added to an existing building, all temporary buildings within the park were dismantled, and the park was supplemented in these areas. Simultaneously, a new gardeners’ lodge had to be built because the park had no utility building. A prominent spot north of the school buildings was chosen as the location. The lodge’s appearance is appropriate to its position. The big column-free structure, which is primarily used for storage, is a timber construction. With its elegantly shaped roof and vertical wood panelling, painted a dark purple, the building makes a confident architectural statement. The simple shell houses an assortment of tools but is an eye-catcher and landmark that is clearly visible from the road leading up to the park.