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Gemeindesaal Männedorf

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Dominique Marc Wehrli


In the competition to find a design for the community hall in Männedorf, we faced the question of whether to retain or replace the existing building. In their definition of the assignment, the local authorities left the choice to the architects. We ultimately decided in favour of a preservation. Up to a third of the material value of a building is represented by its structure. The characteristic shape of the existing building is firmly anchored in the collective cultural memory of the local population, and the forefathers of today’s inhabitants had put a lot of hard work into it over the years. A refurbished community hall now replaces the former parish hall which had hitherto been used for meetings and as a venue for local clubs and societies. Its outer form is reminiscent of a marquee: expanded metal panels extend over the roof and façades like a tent canvas. Inside, in the foyer and the hall itself, oak panels run from the floor to up under the eaves, like tent poles. The oak on the borders and flooring, and the printed grape motifs on the wall panels are references to the village’s wine-growing tradition. Similarly, the hanging lamps of coloured glass balls pick up on the theme of ripe grapes. The new community hall marks the end of the new village centre. The meeting rooms are located on the lower ground floor facing the lake, overlooking a paved courtyard planted with trees. Steps lead up from here to the village square above.