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Sporthalle Wattens

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Innsbruck / Österreich


Henning Köpke


Completed in 2009, the centre has gained openness and publicity in accordance with its importance for the community thanks to its prominent position compared to neighbouring developments and a generously glazed foyer, parallel to the road. By being partially sunk below ground, the sports centre carefully blends into the surrounding area. The especially transparent ground floor and opening towards the sports hall create multilayered spatial links. The height and transparency of the building promote lively relationships and situations inside and outside the building. The public foyer spans the entire length of the main hall and together with the grandstand creates a flowing transition between forecourt and gym. The old school building is directly connected to the new hall via an underground link. The building’s form tapers towards the old school building to preserve views out onto the stunning Karwendel mountain range beyond. On ground floor new visual connections emerge between circulation and gym.