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Altes Hospiz St. Gotthard

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Ruedi Walti


One of the most symbolic alpine passes in Europe is the St. Gotthard Pass. The ensemble of buildings on the top of the pass is evidence of its rich and diverse history. The oldest building, the hospice, stands out proudly and can be seen from afar with its distinctive gabled façade. The project endeavours to reinforce this character and add a new contemporary dimension to the site. This is done with the necessary respect for the cultural monument and by applying appropriate measures. These measures include eliminating the parts of the building that are misleading and reinforcing the existing architectural effect and historical significance. The parts of the building that were previously perceived as being separate buildings are now united under one huge sheet metal roof. The main façade has been extended by a storey and different types of window reflect their respective history. Above the second floor, the interior room structure has been completely dismantled. A wooden frame construction, which is based on historical examples that are typical of the region, has been introduced behind the existing façade.