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Kinderhaus Hüttlingen

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Michael Schnell


“We’re small but important!” This statement was the focus of attention for the design of the Kinderhaus (children’s home) in Hüttlingen. The building is situated in an industrial area between two roads (one with a high volume of traffic). Despite the difficult initial situation, a place of security and comfort was created, one with an especially convincing child-oriented concept. The proportions throughout cater to the needs of the children and also distinguish between kindergarten and nursery children. Sensory pleasures can be enjoyed throughout the house: as a result of elevated areas, group-rooms get light from both the southeast and southwest so that the progression of the day is visible. The building is flooded with light thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing, skylights, and the atrium. Recesses divide up the building’s structure and offer views into the garden from all points. A conscious colour scheme defines the individual areas, serving as orientation for the children and further enhancing the different lighting effects. There are separate room zones for different activities, such as a seat-hollow and tree house gallery. Acoustic elements improve “intelligibility” and simplify language learning and listening.