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House Rasmussen is an integral part of the garden. The black of the beech trunks, the shadows of the bordering forest, the dark brown of the earth and the black façade create a tonal unity. The house occupies the northeast corner of the site and opens up at an angle to the garden. The relationship of the interior spaces and the building to the surroundings determine its shape. The garden terrace is connected to the roof and a free-standing wall to form a 2-storey loggia. The roof also detaches itself from the building above the entrance side to form a canopy. The façades are heterogeneous – optimized according to their direction. The wooden panels of the façades are used as railings on the upstairs windows. The ground floor is designed as a residential floor with direct links to the entrance hall, kitchen/dining room and recessed living area. A free-shaped staircase connects the entrance hall with the first floor. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden can be opened by 180 degrees, turning the hall into an open living space. The house fulfils the KfW 70 criteria and is heated by a combination of heat pump and fireplace.