Mag. Arch. Elmar Ludescher Architektur: Haus auf dem Felsrücken - best architects 12

Mag. Arch. Elmar Ludescher Architektur

Haus auf dem Felsrücken

best architects 12

single family homes


Bregenz | Austria


Robert Fessler


High above the creek and flanked by a steep slope, the house occupies a dramatic position above the valley. The scenic view stretches across the city towards the lake. In its exposed position, the top floor with its prominent overhang appears to be almost floating. Similar to a nest, a fine wooden structure creates the transition from inside to outside – a sliding wooden curtain filters the light and also offers intimacy. This is where the living area is located. Lined throughout in knotless silver fir, the house invites visitors to wonder around barefoot, to touch and smell. The built-in closets are also made of silver fir and are flush-mounted to the wall, floor and ceiling. The precise use of the material and skilful presentation of different space constellations make the room interesting and varied. It is as if the house communicates with its surroundings. Single levels of the multi-layered shell can be moved – transforming viewpoints into protective walls while revealing surprising scenery elsewhere. During hot summer days, the living area gains another room when a sailcloth curtain is pulled back. The firmament is framed by an oval opening in the ceiling. An immense sandstone penetrates the glass shell in a prominent location. On the side of the patio, it acts as a fireplace, while on the opposite side it serves as a stove to heat the living room. It occupies a central position and is a calm focus in the room. The exterior chimney evokes maritime associations – the steamer is on course.