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Club Mash

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Zooey Braun


The Mash brewery, a popular party location, was seeking to reposition itself through comprehensive refurbishment and the introduction of a mixed concept. The new Mash has been designed to cater for events as a club, restaurant and all-day bar. The long bar, which is stunningly illuminated by more than 2500 plastic batons, takes centre stage in the space. It divides the room into three zones, in which two niches separated by silk curtains display a more intimate character. The individual areas are connected by continuous mauve-coloured flooring as well as a superimposed ceiling of white printed tiles with a surrealist collage. The fragmented design conceals elements of the curious, esoteric and erotic, giving guests something to feast their eyes on and talk about. The ceiling collage provides the refurbished Mash with a new identity, and consistently appears in the club’s revised corporate design and print publications.