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Das Tirol Panorama, Innsbruck

best architects 12

interior work




Brigida González


The Tyrolean Panorama does not satisfy the nostalgic need for history, rather it focuses on the myth of Tyrol from a European perspective. The museum has three acts: the first act culminates in the “Battle of Bergisel”, the events that took place on August 13th 1809, which are presented on a huge and impressive panoramic painting. The second act presents stories about the people, politics, religion and nature of Tyrol on the “Schauplatz Tirol”. The third and last act passes through the history of the Tyrolean imperial soldiers, the Kaiserjäger, and finally ends with an interactive examination of the continent and the political unity: “After war: Europe”. The main exhibition area is enclosed by a wooden banderol – a tongue-in-cheek reference to the traditional Tyrolean parlour. A topography of concrete moulds demonstrates the country’s turbulent political past, the “Holy Land Tyrol” appears in huge glass display cabinets that reach from the floor to the ceiling, and we learn “About the Tyroleans” from column exhibits that stand tree-like in the exhibition space. Finally, “The Country of the Mountains” is a 40-m-long display that showcases a plethora of objects from the Tyrolean mountains.