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Tanzhaus Zürich

best architects 12

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Zürich | Schweiz


Roman Keller


The industrial complex was originally built in 1908 as a power station on the river Limmat. Selective interventions in the existing architecture have helped define the new identity of the Tanzhaus as a site for contemporary dance performances without spoiling the unique character of this building, which has undergone many renovations and changes in use over time. Surfaces and Openings > The surfaces and openings work as catalysts to stimulate an interchanging relationship between the surroundings and the inside of the building. The silver mineral paint used for the façade and the flush windows reflect the building’s surroundings and draw attention to its public use. Changeable Spaces > The new 400m2-large and 11m-high dance hall on the top floor lies at the core of the new design. The ten large square windows connect the hall to its surroundings and convey a feeling of wide open space. Foldable interior shutters allow the space to take on a very different identity by closing it off completely.