atelier st: Neubau Wirtschaftsgebäude - best architects 12 gold

atelier st

Neubau Wirtschaftsgebäude

best architects 12 gold

commercial/industrial buildings




Werner Huthmacher


The plot of land in the heart of the small hill town of Eibenstock is surrounded by the charming countryside of the Ore Mountains nature park. Inspired by the steep roofs that characterise the town, an angled structure with five differently pitched roofs was developed out of the site gradient. The building’s spacious alcoves under the big slanted roofs clearly indicate the main areas of use and access to the closed overall shape. These areas simultaneously offer protection against snow and rain. Responding to the user’s forestry work and the town’s characteristic roofing material, the entire building is covered in red cedar wood shingles. Contrasting with the scaly, brittle wood shingles, the large alcoves are lined on all sides with smooth, shimmering metallic aluminium composite panels (Alucobond). This simple, traditional, but specific building skin is reminiscent of a split tree trunk with a rough, dark bark and a light, smooth core.