Weber Hofer Partner: Oberbank - Zubau Donauforum, Linz - best architects 12

Weber Hofer Partner

Oberbank - Zubau Donauforum, Linz

best architects 12

office/administrative buildings


Linz | Austria


Dietmar Tollerian


The highly visible, massive Oberbank headquarters building in Linz, with its heavily articulated façade, stands in a poorly defined urban landscape alongside the Danube. The aim of the annexe with prestigious event and conference rooms was to complement the bank’s facilities. A new termination clarifies the street pattern and translates the structured façade theme into a suspended glass skin with a two-dimensional imprinted texture. Depending on viewpoint and position of the sun, it can, like a flowing fabric curtain, approach the parent building structurally or express its own separate, representative use, directly and clearly. The annexe was conceived as a pure steel structure. The entire structure rests on three wall segments and the lift core and spans the ground floor without intermediate support. The centrepiece of the annexe consists of two connectable event halls with a transparent curtain wall at street level. The conference rooms above are screened off by the glass curtain and lined throughout with a silvery-grey stained maple veneer in order to create an introverted, focused atmosphere.