Petersen Architekten: F40 Geschäftshaus a.d. Friedrichstrasse, Berlin - best architects 12

Petersen Architekten

F40 Geschäftshaus a.d. Friedrichstrasse, Berlin

best architects 12

office/administrative buildings




Jan Bitter


The new building closes the last gap on the street. Friedrichstrasse has a clearly urban character here, the courtyard area resembles a large garden. We designed the areas of the seven upper floors as deeply as possible into the site. With an open-plan layout, the floors can be used variably. The front façade facing Friedrichstrasse is technically precise and perfectly transparent with vertical glass slats to protect against overheating and two-floor high recesses which link the house with the environment – an urban statement. The garden façade also has room-high sliding doors, but sun protection is provided by “woven” textile material. The interior combines a mix of glass, wood and textiles – interweaving city and garden. Antje Schiffer’s artistic interpretation of the site accompanies visitors throughout the public parts of the building. The project has been pre-certified with the GOLD award by the DGNB.