Lütolf und Scheuner, Architekten: Raiffeisenbank am Rigi - best architects 12

Lütolf und Scheuner, Architekten

Raiffeisenbank am Rigi

best architects 12

office/administrative buildings


Luzern | Schweiz


Roger Frei


The new Raiffeisenbank am Rigi is explicitly integrated into the urban structure of Küssnacht. The four-storey building subtly complements the existing buildings along Bahnhofstrasse and conveys a refined sense of distinction. The main façade’s diagonal line reacts to the course of the street and receives customers through a covered entrance on the ground floor. A two-storey incision to the west structures the volume. Offices are organised on the ground floor and two upper storeys, while the top floor houses an apartment. A constructive gown of rectangular artificial stone girders envelops the precise volume. The façade structure becomes a design element with a varying distance between supports and storey heights. The shell’s material concept is continued in the interior with fine monolithic terrazzo, flanked by atmospheric walnut veneer and discrete textiles. Both the bank’s flooring and polished concrete façade subtly recall sedimentary conglomerate rock, the native Rigi stone.