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Peneder Basis

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office/administrative buildings


Altenmarkt im Pongau | Österreich


Angelo Kaunat


The distinctive architecture of the new building fulfils not only practical and aesthetic but above all communicative functions. It is a workplace and meeting place for customers and employees, but also a venue for local events, and can be seen, as it were, as a “village within a village”. Essentially, the building combines six different uses: office, hotel, restaurant, kindergarten, cafeteria and assembly hall. The spacious entrance hall forms the centre of the building and, together with the gardens between the office wings, is open to the public. These areas are important as communication centres for staff, customers and visitors. To create a distinctive accent, steel has been used to design the façade. Thanks to a special folding system, the expansive front of the building is broken up into a vertical structure which gives it a softer appearance. This is interrupted only in two areas, the cafeteria and assembly hall. The steel façade can be opened outwards via slats, allowing views into the countryside but also into the building itself.