Karl und Bremhorst Architekten: Raiffeisenzentrale Sarajewo, Bosnien Herzegowina - best architects 12

Karl und Bremhorst Architekten

Raiffeisenzentrale Sarajewo, Bosnien Herzegowina

best architects 12

office/administrative buildings


Wien | Österreich




Rupert Steiner


A new landmark has emerged in civil war-torn Sarajevo. In the middle of a bomb-damaged district on the outskirts of the city, modern architecture has been built: an office complex with integrated training centre. Architecture is seen here as a new beginning, a promising opportunity and a widely visible sign. International companies are moving in, and with them they bring new jobs and prospects for the future. The atrium tower houses the Raiffeisen Bank’s headquarters in Bosnia-Herzegovina. A 12-floor-high atrium contains entrance hall, representational area, as well as vertical and horizontal access. It brings light into the building and creates an impressive interior dimension. Transparent and mirrored glass creates maximum transparency and offices of a very high quality. Views into and outside the building create space and illusion. One part of the building faces the river Miljacka and accommodates the public facilities, a training centre, and a restaurant. It can be seen as a link to Sarajevo, a city with a promising future.