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Burckhardt+Partner AG

Philip Morris F&E Zentrum Neuenburg

best architects 12

office/administrative buildings


Basel | Schweiz


Thomas Jantscher


The building’s exceptional lakeside location undoubtedly makes a key contribution towards the quality of the project. The new campus marks the entrance to the Neuchatel municipality and creates a high-quality urban landmark. The traditional “wing system” is redefined in this project and transferred to a landscaped environment: fragmentation and avoidance of mass in the parallel system of wings gives the building a distinctive geometry which allows a large variety of rooms. These simple geometric interventions breathe “life” into the building. Terraces, gardens, bridges, platforms, recreational areas, bridges and social meeting points create a communication system. Thanks to the glass roof over the whole system, all spaces are protected and usable throughout the year. The dimensions and position of the entrance gallery convey a strong corporate image. The ground floor accommodates most of the public facilities such as reception, restaurant and access to the event hall and meeting rooms. The three wings house laboratories and offices. The spacious atrium between the wings offers spectacular views of the lake from the ground level and also from the bridges which cross the upper floors. These bridges are not only used as links, they are also communication islands. Various terraces spread over the working areas enable employees to take breaks and organise meetings in a protected environment while enjoying breathtaking views.