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Wohnüberbauung Aspholz Nord, Zürich-Affoltern

best architects 12

multi-family homes


Zürich | Schweiz


Andrea Helbling


This large-scale residential building complex with 119 apartments is on the edge of the Ruggächern development area in Zurich-Affoltern in close proximity to the motorway’s northern bypass. The key focus of the development plan was therefore road access. There are no public spaces or parks in the area. The meandering 7-storey, 180-m-long building creates a new courtyard area opening onto the street and provides much-needed public space. At the same time, the building protects itself and the courtyard from the noise of the motorway traffic and therefore creates conditions for a comfortable living area. The building is horizontally structured and features one high ground floor and 6 residential floors. The 3.4 m clear height of the ground floor lends itself to various uses. The building’s 10-m depth and concrete skeleton with central access cores allows a cross-wall structure offering landscape vistas. The 3.1-m-wide support span corresponds with room width. Guided by this structural framework, all kinds of floor plans and apartment designs were possible. The spacious loggias also allow the “noisy” south-facing rooms to be aired.