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Wohnsiedlung Leimbachstrasse, Zürich-Leimbach

best architects 12

multi-family homes


Zürich | Schweiz


Andrea Helbling


Enjoying stunning, unobstructed views of the Alps, this southeast hillside development is bordered on three sides by forests and meadows. The two 7-storey terraced houses occupy the northern and western boundaries of the lot. The fruit orchard has been preserved. A network-like system of main and secondary paths through the green space leads to the entrances. By partially widening paths, meeting and recreational areas have been created. Four flats and two duplex apartments are organised into 2-storey modules, which are accessed by one single stairwell. All flats have a generous outdoor area, mainly in the form of a semi-integrated balcony. The roof and ground floor flats benefit from their location and have either roof-terraces or terraces. A simple structure consisting of load-bearing transverse walls and continuous vertical access zones with sanitary units stacked on top of each other guarantees an economic construction. The buildings have been constructed according to Minergie standards. The dark green slate-clad housing estate subtly blends into the green surroundings.