Peter Kunz Architektur: Oberes Alpgut - best architects 12 gold

Peter Kunz Architektur

Oberes Alpgut

best architects 12 gold

multi-family homes


Winterthur | Schweiz


Dominique Marc Wehrli


What looks like a simple settlement of terraced, single-family homes is, in fact, a fascinating entanglement of indoor rooms and outdoor areas with private inner courtyards. Behind the heavy oak door of each unit, a white walkway winds its way to the open-plan living, dining and kitchen landscape. The skylights, strategically positioned in the ceiling, allow daylight to enter the rooms indirectly. A wide glass front provides a romantic view of the wooded park. By sliding the glass panels in their heavy oak frames to the side, the interior blends fluidly into the covered patio area, which in turn merges into the private gardens between sand coloured concrete walls that stretch deep into the park. The day and night areas are elegantly separated: the living areas face the woods, while sleeping quarters face southwest. Between them, the bathrooms and adjoining rooms are linked by a series of inner courtyards. The bedrooms are a “separate world”. They convey the peace and privacy of a monastery cloister. Oberes Alpgut brings together a wide variety of rooms and spaces in a single building.