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6 Familienhaus Staldern Regensberg

best architects 12

multi-family homes


Regensberg | Schweiz




Vito Stallone


The architectural expression of the property is essentially determined by its location, with its unique panoramic views and historical reference to the castle town. Each of the apartments located on the three floors of the two house sections differs in floor plan, height and proportion. The lounge room forms the centrepiece of every apartment and features high ceilings (3.4 m) and ceiling-to-floor windows on the south side. The combination of quirky, narrow and castle-like private rooms and open-plan and light-flooded “public” rooms gives the individual apartments a unique quality and spatial appeal. The consistent use of different room heights in the separate apartments allows vertically oriented layouts in both attic apartments; the rooms are above each other and are on a split-level to the lounge room. The long, 2-m-high corner windows and glazed loggias offer unique panoramic views. Interaction with the proportions of the window surfaces, the extra-long windows and high-ceilinged balconies in the centre of both houses deceive the eye, the individual apartments are not directly readable from the outside. The castle-like character of the north façade, with arrow-slit windows, is inspired by the basic structure of historical buildings in Regensberg.