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Fünf Häuser

best architects 12

single family homes


Zürich | Schweiz




Tonatiuh Ambrosetti


The building can be seen as a collage of various housing types found in the immediate surroundings of the plot. The units are stacked vertically due to the small footprint of the plot, with each type presenting a different typology vis-à-vis its outside spaces and views, according to the level on which it is situated. Could the “Fünf Häuser” be seen as an assembly of Swiss typologies? And would that mean there is a hint of irony in this conglomeration of proportions, oversized window frames, surplus of balconies and planted areas? By stacking each of these types, one on top of the other, the building presents a surprising take on the rather challenging task of building a multi-storey residential typology and offers an alternative to the ever-expanding Swiss suburban sprawl. By considering the suburb as a new laboratory for experimental typologies, “Fünf Häuser” is a tongue-in-cheek call for greater density, social interaction and architectural diversity – in other words, more urban quality in the semi-urban area.