Schneider & Schneider Architekten + Tobias Sager: Wohnhaus in Aarau - best architects 12 gold

Schneider & Schneider Architekten + Tobias Sager

Wohnhaus in Aarau

best architects 12 gold

single family homes


Aarau / Switzerland


Heinrich Helfenstein


This house was built in a neighbourhood of single-family houses on a tiny parcel of land. Despite its size, the house was built to perfectly accommodate the needs of its owners. The central staircase works as core and contains all secondary rooms. From the entrance, it spirals upwards to connect all main rooms – study, bedroom, living room and kitchen with dining room – finally reaching a small roof terrace. Concrete is the main material used to create the interior atmosphere: walls and ceilings show the rough-textured imprint of construction concrete while the floor has been carefully polished to create a smooth surface. The dark coloured wood of all built-in furniture matches the colour of the concrete. Natural stone was used to design all interior bathrooms. Vertical wood boarding, painted black, determines the exterior appearance. The large windows mirror the trees from the nearby forest and resemble large-format pictures in the dark façade.