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müller verdan architekten

Wohnhaus über dem Zürichsee

best architects 12

single family homes


Zürich | Schweiz


Hannes Henz


This project involved designing a luxurious villa for a couple on one of the rare vacant lots overlooking Lake Zurich. Intensive cooperation with the clients resulted in a very unique building which takes into account the different cultural lifestyles of the future residents. The new building manifests itself as a volume of exposed concrete surrounded by a Japanese inspired garden. The entrée is accessed via a geometrically reduced courtyard. Inside, the layout and design produce a rich geometric composition. The rooms are characterised by commanding views of the surroundings and lake. Carefully positioned staircases separate the different parts of the villa without interfering with the spatial flow, culminating in the z-shaped attic floor on top. Generously glazed, it reveals the enormous richness of the site and in summertime provides covered outdoor space. Plain materials, which together make an elegant, sophisticated statement, shape the villa’s interiors together with the delicate sliding windows.