Carlos Martinez architekten & Pipilotti Rist: Stadtlounge St. Gallen - best architects 11

Carlos Martinez architekten & Pipilotti Rist

Stadtlounge St. Gallen

best architects 11

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St. Gallen | Schweiz


Marc Wetli | Zürich


A blazing red and exceptionally soft flooring made of rubber granulate attracts the visitors’ attention very self-confidently and personifies the main function of the design concept. As an identifying mark the Stadtlounge breaks up the introverted and broken up character of the Raiffaisenquartier and unifies all places and open spaces in a continuous ensemble. The idea of a publicly accessible “lounge” forms the virtual guiding theme. It creates a uniform character and amenity values inside the district. All furnishings emerge freely and amorphously from the floor that covers the area like a homey carpet. The specially made and unique illumination maintains the welcoming atmosphere of a “lounge”. Soft and smooth crossovers instead of defined kerbstones between the common and traffic areas blur the boundaries of the functions. This intentionally breaks with the common perception of public space. The buildings seem to be bodies placed very precisely on the carpet. After sunset the façades look like wallpaper in the public “living room”. The outdoor space is treated as indoor space of the city.