Smolenicky & Partner Architektur: Tamina Therme, Bad Ragaz - best architects 11 gold

Smolenicky & Partner Architektur

Tamina Therme, Bad Ragaz

best architects 11 gold

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Bad Ragaz | Schweiz


Roland Bernath| Zürich


The Tamina Spa is situated at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz site, which includes several historic five star hotels, a golf club and a casino. The spa is a part of the Grand Hotel culture. As a consequence, the building is monumental in order to persist as a comparable structure next to other representative constructions. Coevally, it aims at contrasting the urban, stony character of the ‘Quellenhof’ and presents itself as a white wooden structure – as pavilion-like holiday architecture together with its associations to swimming baths and holidays at the lake. The oval windows stress the strategy of the playful ‘architecture of leisure’.