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Gessaga Hindermann

Cafeteria für Mitarbeiter einer Bank

best architects 11

interior work


Zürich | Schweiz


Tom Bisig | Basel


A recreation room has to serve as a multi-functional area; a place to drink coffee, have a chat or just kick back. Commissioned by a Swiss Bank, Gessaga Hindermann gave a recreation room a makeover so that the area fulfils all of these functions and better use is made of the space. Based on a use analysis, the interior designers divided the space into three zones. The heart of the concept is the Omega Arena, with its three special tabletop soccer tables. Gessaga Hindermann came up with a unique idea for launching the Arena. First, Panini soccer cards from the 2010 World Cup are collected and swapped, cut out and stuck on “Face Cap”, specially designed covers. The interchangeable bars will be mounted on the wall. Once all 32 teams are in place, the tournament can begin. Anyone who doesn’t want to play can take a seat on the picnic benches in the lunch area or in the lounge. Half-high plywood walls enclose the booths, providing a space to retreat. Better inter-company communication through well thought-out design: Not only does the tabletop football provide entertainment during the breaks, it also encourages team building.