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DEGENER Architekten

Lebensmittelsupermarkt in Dortmund-Huckarde

best architects 11

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Degener Architekten | Dortmund


A fundamental part of the draft design was the creation of a tailor-made architectural piece that is unique for supermarkets as a further contribution to the renewal of the stereotyped design expectations of supermarkets that also demonstrate the necessary functionality of rational structural elements. The cladding of a metallic gold shingle facade and the flying roof refine the property and accentuate the difficult receding plot area as a new focus of urban space. The mall in the entrance area leads past shops and a bakery/cafe with seating areas in the loft-like sales area and 1900 m² of selling space. Storage/refrigeration and ancillary rooms and the delivery area are arranged in the building element at the back. Heat/refrigeration of the ambient air and heating use solely a gas heat pump. The primary energy factor is approx. 0.75; reduction in CO2 emissions approx. 38%. Process waste heat from freezer cabinets is used for the preparation of hot water and excess uses the heat exchanger in buffer storage. The ventilation system with an integrated night cooling switching mechanism activates passive storage media.