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Zooey Braun | Stuttgart


The wgv insurance group has built new headquarters in Stuttgart’s city centre, the ground floor of which functions as a customer service centre. The result is a roomy, 1,000 m², open space, which is distinguished by precise customer guidance and maximum acoustic discretion. At the same time it serves to present the insurance company to the outside world. A light wall reflects the group’s corporate colour. In this highly visible corner situation, this wall and the prominent triad of conference islands set a strong visual accent. The curved, preset façade leads round to the main entrance area, which is clearly marked by a projecting canopy. Reception, work and waiting areas merge seamlessly into one another in the interior. The terrazzo floor and ceiling guidance elements establish an additional link between the separate areas. The individual customer service desks are ordered in sequence within the open, elongated space. The table elements project in a continued band towards the ceiling, thus ensuring maximum spatial and acoustic discretion thanks to their enclosed form and materiality. The ceiling and lighting design above give additional rhythm to the spacious room.