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Gerhards&Glücker Architekten und Designer

Albrechtsburg Meißen - Jubiläumsaustellung

best architects 11

interior work




Werner Huthmacher | Berlin


The architectural concept envisages the insertion of a third layer into the building: after the original construction and the extension and refurbishment of the building in the 19th century, a third contemporary layer has now been added to the building, and it can be clearly distinguished from the historic substance. In fact, the exhibition architecture reflects and reinterprets topics that were already present in the architectural design by Arnold von Westfalen; its orthogonal and sculptural character, its symmetry and asymmetry, its interplay of light and shade, its dimensions. The sculptural presentation elements in the individual rooms reveal sensitive interaction with the design of the surrounding interior architecture. The reflective surface of the abstract elements gives them a camouflage effect that blends into the building. The historic design of the rooms, the content of the exhibition and the new architecture combine to create a harmonious visual atmosphere.