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Uli Mayer, Urs Hüssy


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Schellenberg | Liechtenstein




Future Documentation | Amsterdam


The two-hundred year old Brendlehaus was renovated to form two residential units. Its construction as a squared-timber longhouse (Kantholzstrickbau) built on top of a stone cellar is typical of the region. The so-called “Rhine Valley floor plan” divides the ground floor into the living room, parlour, kitchen and corridor. The missing rooms (bathrooms) were tacked onto the exterior. To leave the strong timber façade visible, thermal insulation was installed on the inside. The barn, a simple wood construction with planks, was isolated outside. New planking encloses the barn and the annex. The annex contains the kitchen, two bathrooms and three rooms. The annex brings in the daylight into the hall and has a rear exit. The relation to the old parts of the building is made with the local fir-wood. The abstraction of a blossom twig sawn into the planks, continues a traditional way to ornament the façades of barns.