Oskar Leo Kaufmann / Albert Rüf: Alpenhotel Ammerwald, BMW Group - best architects 11

Oskar Leo Kaufmann / Albert Rüf

Alpenhotel Ammerwald, BMW Group

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Ammerwald | Österreich


Adolf Bereuter | Lauterach


The Alpenhotel Ammerwald is built at an elevation of 1100 metres in a small valley in Tirol. The hotel profile is completely enclosed in wilderness. It is both an isolated retreat and a conceptual, constructive and logistic challenge for the architects. The total demolition of the existing building and later “new beginning” was deemed necessary from the architectural viewpoint to create a new, innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly building which also fulfils claims in location, time and the requirements of the client BMW Group. On several occasions the client stated a desire to create a traditional atmosphere not in the form of superficial historicism but rather of a new interpretation of the “spirit of Ammerwald”. Existing values and characteristics of Ammerwald as spatial collectives and communities, warm cosiness in an inhospitable environment, alpine atmosphere and contemplative silence were translated into contemporary, but not stylish architectural language. Values, tradition and conventions, quality, authenticity and sustainability are important.