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Wettingen | Schweiz




Dominique Marc Wehrli | Regensdorf


The new location chosen for the canteen serving the cantonal school in Wettingen is a former barn known as the “Löwenscheune”, situated midway between the monastery and the disused spinning mill. A new extension block has been built onto its northern end, harmonizing with the existing typology of lines. The architecture of the extension block is intended to provide an emphatic external statement of the future function of the Löwenscheune as a meeting place within the school grounds. The abstraction of the body this block contrasts strongly with the ornamentation of its perforated metal facing, pointing to the rich world of design within the monastery. The insertion of a statically autonomous concrete ceiling creates a horizontal dividing line through the volume of the Löwenscheune, with a cafeteria now housed on the lower floor and a canteen on the upper floor. A thoroughfare module on one side, incorporating a generously dimensioned staircase, interconnects the two zones.