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Luca Selva Architekten

Wohnhaus H-M

best architects 11

single family homes


Lupsingen | Schweiz


Ruedi Walti | Basel


The patio-like outside area penetrates the building on both levels and creates a tension between the inner and outer spaces. It connects both levels with a staircase and opens up onto the surroundings, thus creating precise references to the landscape. The patio’s light, smooth and reflecting surfaces contrast heavily with the rough and matte slate cladding. The countless reflections multiply the surface of the space to the infinite. The main rooms of the first floor, living/dining room and library, are set around the patio while the bedrooms and study face east, towards the forest. The ground floor includes a sound studio and an artist’s atelier. The site is characterized by its position on a slope of the foothills of the Jura that offers a wide view to the south. The volume of the building interprets the rules set by the local building code in an intelligent way. The architects integrated the prescribed hipped roof in the overall volume by using the same material (slate) for both the roof and the façades. This gives the building the appearance of a strong, unitary volume.