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Marques AG

Schulhaus Hinter Gärten, Riehen

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Heinz Unger | Schlieren


The neighbourhood is characterized by varying heights and individual single-family homes and apartment blocks. The project responds to the scale of the quarter with a composition of high and low individual volumes, which are partially merged according to their situation and uses. The green areas of the location highlight the expression of the open spatial continuum and connect the new school to the surrounding gardens and neighbourhood. The facility is arranged in three volumes: a taller building for the classroom and two lower structures for the sports halls and bicycles. Each wing has its own covered access and is connected to the adjoining buildings and exterior areas through covered walkways. The buildings’ organization and the laterally inserted connecting halls create various playgrounds that give the primary school facility an appropriate scale despite its size. The buildings are arranged in a clear way and the uses are brought together in sensible room groups. This combines with the interior colour concept to provide easy identification for each room and supports orientation within the school building, so that children can find their classrooms easily. The buildings are conceived as solid structures. The façades are made of concrete with mineral plastering. Their colour concept highlights the spatial significance of the defined concourses and enhances the plasticity of the facility.