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Bildungszentrum Bestehornpark

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Roland Halbe | Stuttgart


In 2005 the city of Aschersleben (Salzland district) offered a Europe-wide competition for the renovation and modification of the “Bestehornpark” into an educational centre. The building complex is part of the International Building Exhibition IBA 2010 in Saxony-Anhalt. It is located in the eastern part of the city of Aschersleben on the site of a former cardboard packaging factory, which was founded in 1861 and modified several times by the entrepreneur Heinrich-Christian Bestehorn. Not the complete complex, but only the 1911 Heckner building was listed under monumental protection. This historic building, which formerly housed heavy printing machines, was renovated thoroughly and a new building was added to it. The uneven, inclined roofs of the elongated new building, which recall the shed roofs of industrial buildings, give the educational centre its design identity. The sandy façade with its muddled brick wall contrasts with the white plastered facade of the historic Heckner building.