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Lederer+Ragnarsdóttir+Oei Architekten

Kloster Hegne Marianum

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Zooey Braun | Stuttgart


The design addresses the issue of continuity of venue, appearance and history. The new is developed out of the old. The Marianum forms the west wing of the annex, and the cafeteria and function rooms are located between the two. To the street, the compound is enclosed by a wall. An arbour marks the entrance and serves as a carport. Here, also, the refectories washrooms are located, adjacent to an exterior undeveloped area. The “thick” wall offers multiple use options, accommodating technical facilities helping to cover the basic needs of the house and convent. 180 secondary school students and 240 vocational school students study and work in Hegne Convent, which was built in 1927. As an analogy to the educational specifications, open areas are provided for lessons and group activities in front of and between classrooms. Teachers’ workstations are integrated in the classrooms.