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Schulgebäude Renens

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Renens | Schweiz


Thomas Jantscher | Colombier


The project for the extension of Léman College poses the question of the continuation of the existing school, taking into account today’s construction standards and the idea of having the school as a way of life, exchanges and communication. Influenced by these arguments, the project adapts the modular system of the existing building. This concept gives the school a sense of unity. The classrooms in the old and the new buildings are organized in periphery around the centre of the building, favouring the vertical design. In the new edifice the corridors with their spiral shape encourage visual contact with the different orientations of the site. On each floor, the connection between the central hall and the façade offers different ambiances and lighting. This approach complements the existing composition by uniting the exterior spaces to a common schoolyard. The project plays particular attention to the lighting and the natural ventilation. The inside stairway is lighted naturally by an atrium. The ventilation vents situated behind the concrete pillars of the facade permit natural ventilation during the day and cool down the building during the night.